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Build tech packs faster, organize product data, collaborate across departments, manage costing and track product development.


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Google Drive

Easy to use

Stick with the tools already used by your company and integrate with Techpacker for smarter data management.

No additional cost

Create your personal workflow to manage, coordinate and track work across teams at no extra charge.

Unified and secure

Your entire product development data right at your fingertips—Techpacker keeps it all securely working together.

Bring products to market faster

Transfer design info from your Techpacker account to your Shopify marketplace.

  • Connect tech packs to your listings

    Instantly transfer pictures, sizing info and color-variants to your Shopify store.

  • Automatically sync changes

    When any change is made to your tech packs, push and sync them with your listings.

  • Test the market or sell wholesale

    Conduct pre-sales for your customers or create linesheets for your stockists.

Create tech packs in Adobe Illustrator

Build Spec Sheets, BOM tables and Costing Sheets straight from your Illustrator workspace.

  • Sketch and sync

    Create technical sketches in Illustrator, instantly transfer them to tech packs and sync any edits.

  • Save a ton of time

    No more jumping back and forth between platforms. Connect your sketches to tech packs and skip repetitive formatting.

Seamlessly integrate Google Spreadsheets

Easily transfer your technical data and comments between Excel Spreadsheets and Techpacker.

  • Re-use existing design data

    Start building tech packs faster by transfering existing technical design data from Excel.

  • Keep costing info synchronized

    Build costing sheets in one click by integrating the data from the accounting team.

  • Keep your data safe and secure

    Use intergration to store your design assets or as a data back-up plan tool when needed.

Get secure access to your files with Dropbox

Centralize your team’s work and never lose a single file.

  • Safely store your data in a single place

    Organize your design assets and recover any lost files at any time.

  • Deliver completed projects

    Securely share files of any size, complete with password protection, expiration dates, and delivery confirmation.

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