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Build footwear tech packs fast and manage your entire product development data with your team and manufacturers in one place.

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One Ultimate Tool for Footwear Product Development

Techpacker provides you with tools specifically designed for the growing footwear brands.

Descriptive Tech Packs

Techpacker provides you with tools needed to develop detailed measurement specs, bill of materials and costing tables.

Smart data management

Never miss any design detail. Get notified when it’s time to re-order materials. Keep your sourcing on schedule.

Efficient communication

Connect all departments on a single platform. Share files, comments, artwork and get instantly updated in real-time.

Store design assets and build new styles fast using libraries

Securely keep all design information on hand including sketches, measurements and materials. Simly drag and drop them to your design boards and create instant tech packs.

  • Automated Bill of Materials

    Save and re-use materials info, including detailed description, supplier’s info and direct link to re-order. Build close relationship with the best sourcing suppliers by doing an ongoing business with them.

  • Keep the sizing consistent

    Re-use measurement cards across multiple tech packs. Select specific measurements or copy them in bulk. Build seasonal collections fast.

Beat the long lead times and keep up with the demand

Techpacker provides you with tools specifically designed for the growing footwear brands. Keep the product development consistent, seamlessly launch new designs and deliver on time with us.

  • Horizontal size charts

    Our horizontal measurement tables allow footwear brands with large inventories to easily build and instantly edit their size charts.

  • Fast sampling

    Quickly update specs on technical sketches using the Techpacker’s annotation tool. Add comments and send directly to the manufacturer to refine samples.

  • Demand planning

    Visually preview what materials are in stock, which products are selling fast and report what needs to be replenished to ensure the timely production.


Learn how Rollie Nation use Techpacker to increase speed-to-market.

Learn how Australia’s top independent footwear company use Techpacker to meet the relentless demand of seasonal customers despite longer manufacturing lead times.

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